Article 209

Co-Curricular Activities and Extra Duties


209.01 Assignment of teachers to sponsorship of school

organizations where such sponsorship extends beyond

the teachers’ regular school day and assignment of teachers

to the extra duties specified in Section 905.01 of this

Agreement will be with the consent of the teacher.


209.02 In the event volunteers cannot be secured for the

necessary supervision of school events which take place

outside the teachers’ regular work day, teachers may be

assigned to supervise at such activities by the school principal,

provided such teachers shall be notified of the

assignment two (2) weeks in advance where possible.

These assignments will be rotated equally among the

entire teaching staff of the school so that no teacher will

be required to supervise more than five (5) such activities

per school year. Such required supervisory assignments

shall not extend more than three (3) hours in length or

the length of a normal school-related evening activity.


209.03 Teachers may voluntarily use their personal automobiles

for the purpose of transporting students on field

trips, transporting athletic teams or other business of the

Columbus City Schools, but may not be required to do



209.04 When any member of the bargaining unit is absent

for a full school day and no substitute is available, the

assignment shall, in elementary schools, be divided, and

in middle and high schools, rotated among the teaching

staff at the school involved. In the event no substitute is



A. Elementary teachers who are assigned students from

the absent teacher’s class shall be compensated at the

rate of six times three-quarters of the supplemental

hourly rate [6 x (3⁄4) x supplemental hourly rate] per

day divided equally among the teachers receiving the


B. Middle school and high school teachers who are

assigned during their conference periods to cover the

assignment of the absent teacher shall be paid at the

rate of three-quarters (3/4) of the supplemental

hourly rate for each forty-five (45) minute period.

In the event a self-contained middle school assignment

is divided among teachers of other self-contained

classes, compensation shall be in accordance

with Section 209.04(A) above.

In cases of a sudden illness or an emergency which

requires a teacher to leave after the work day has started

and said teacher is charged sick leave as defined in

Article 701 of this Agreement, teachers receiving the

students shall be compensated as in (A) or (B) above,

except that the six (6) in the formula in (A) above will

be reduced to the number of hours such students

were divided during the day.


209.05 Except in an emergency, the Board shall provide a

substitute teacher for the classes of a teacher out of

school for a full school day in order to attend approved

functions such as athletic events, tournaments, club activities,

Association leave and other professional leave.


209.06 Nothing in these provisions shall prohibit members

from voluntarily assisting each other or from temporarily

rearranging assignments for purposes of team teaching or

other professional activity with the approval of the

school principal.


209.07 No teacher shall be required to join any organization,

participate in the activities of any organization or

contribute to or support any charity. Nothing in this provision

is intended to relieve teachers of their required

participation in an annual open house and/or an annual

parent grade-level meeting where scheduled, provided

such required participation shall be counted towards the

number of supervisory activities that may be required in

Section 209.02 above.


209.08 Teachers shall not be required to sell or process

school pictures, tickets of any kind, candy, insurance or

other like items if school aides or volunteers are available

to perform these functions.


209.09 During the term of this Agreement, a minimum of

one half-time instructional assistant shall be provided for

each school for the purpose of reducing the amount of

duties teachers are required to perform in the supervision

of study halls, school yards, lunchrooms and school halls.


209.10 Teachers shall not be required to perform the duties

of school treasurer.


209.11 No elementary teacher shall be required to conduct

more than two (2) textbook and two (2) equipment

inventories annually.


209.12 Members of the bargaining unit who are required by

their assignment to travel on their lunch period shall not

be asked to assume extra duties during their lunch period.

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