Article 908



908.02 The Board shall set aside $2,174,000 each

school year to fund gainsharing and the Performance

Advancement System (PAS–Article 910). The

amount to be used for gainsharing payments will be

$2,174,000 minus the total amount of payments in

the fall of a particular school year under Article 910

(PAS). Should the PAS payments total more than

$1,000,000, the PAS payments shall be reduced

across the board so as to preserve at least $1,174,000

for gainsharing from the total amount of the

$2,174,000 fund. Such amounts will be allocated to

particular buildings within the district for their success

in meeting goals based on criteria developed by

a Joint Gainsharing Committee of CEA and administration

representatives. Gainsharing awards per

teacher shall not exceed $1,500 per year. Such committee

shall consist of three (3) members selected by

the President of the CEA and three (3) members

selected by the Superintendent. The development of

such criteria shall be accomplished prior to January

15, 2001. The committee shall utilize consensus to

arrive at the final findings and guidelines and to

convey it to the appropriate administrator for commencement

of data collection and implementation.

Such criteria will contain measurable objective goals

including, but not limited to, graduation rates, student

attendance, achievement test scores, standardized

test scores and reduction of disturbances to

education. Achievement of adequate yearly progress

(AYP) shall be a criterion that must be met for a

building to qualify. The joint committee may consider

modification of this standard in light of federal

legislation enacted in the future. The joint committee

shall also take into account factors that correlate

with high needs, such as but not limited to, the

numbers of students in a building on free or reduced

lunch, the experience level of teachers and student

mobility. e joint committee will also recommend

how gainsharing can be extended to teachers on special

assignment. Guidelines for allocation as per the

committee consensus shall be implemented.


908.03 Specific details regarding the annual 908.02

goals to be attained in a given building, and the distribution/

use of gainsharing funds attained through

the reaching of such goals, shall be determined by

consensus in each building by the administration

and the ABC. Such issues with respect to teachers

not assigned to a building shall be determined by the

Joint Gainsharing Committee under Section 908.02

above. The Joint Gainsharing Committee shall

determine which schools/bargaining unit members

will receive gainsharing payments by October 15.

Gainsharing funds shall be available for distribution

by the second pay in November based on success in

meeting goals in the prior school year. Allocation of

gainsharing funds shall be determined by the administrator

and ABC by consensus, whose determination

of goals and subsequent distribution of funds

will thereafter repeat annually as per the preceding

stated dates.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

between the

Columbus Education Association

and the

Columbus City Schools

(Gainsharing and Performance Advancement System)


This Agreement between the Columbus Education

Association (hereinafter the Association) and the

Columbus City School District (hereinafter the

District) is entered into as a change of Article 908,

“Gainsharing,” as outlined in the Association District

Master Agreement for the 2010–2011 and 2011–2012

school year payouts. The purpose of this MOU is to

save thirteen (13) school nurse positions that would

have been cut due to District budget reductions.

WHEREAS, the Association is aware the District has

to implement certain cost-saving measures, the two

parties have met and determined a course of action as

it relates to the Gainsharing and Performance

Advancement System (PAS).


NOW THEREFORE, the parties confirm these

agreements and understandings as follows:


1. Gainsharing/PAS contractual amount of $2.174

million for SY 2010–2011 and SY 2011–2012

which have payouts in SY 2011–2012 and SY

2012–2013, respectively, will be reduced by fifty

percent each year. As a result, the pool for

Gainsharing and PAS shall total $1.087 million.


2. Should the PAS payout total exceed more than

$500,000 (NOTE: The total payout for PAS has

never exceed $485,000 in past years), the amount of

the PAS payments shall be reduced across the

board, so as to keep at least $587,000 available for

Gainsharing payouts.


3. All other contractual guidelines for Gainsharing/

PAS process and procedures shall stay in effect as

stated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Note: If there is a change in the budget that would

create a situation where we no longer needed to

have the Gainsharing reduction, we mutually agree

that the Gainsharing full funding would take effect.

WHEREFORE, the Association and the District confirm

this Agreement with their signature on the 16th

day of May 2011.


Rhonda Johnson, CEA President

For the Association

Gene T. Harris, Superintendent

For the District

Article 910

Performance Advancement System


910.01 There shall be a Performance Advancement System

(PAS) for individual teachers or groups of teachers who

volunteer, based on student achievement and demonstrated

accountability for student progress. Beginning in

the fall of 2005, qualifying teachers, including each

teacher in a group, shall receive $2,500 annually based

on achievement results during the previous school year,

subject to Section 908.02.


910.02 The Superintendent and Association President each

shall appoint four (4) persons to a joint committee

which will work to determine the details of this

Performance Advancement System and how it will be

implemented. The joint committee will continue to

determine the details of how PAS will be implemented.


910.03 Upon agreement of the Superintendent and the

President of the Association, the joint committee shall

meet to consider the relationship between research-based

indicators of successful teaching and student achievement.


910.04 “Student achievement and demonstrated accountability

for student progress” in Section 910.01 above

means: (a) for teachers for whose students “value added”

data exists for the school year in question, an average

value added exceeding one year per student; and (b) for

other teachers, achievement measures as determined by

the joint committee. This Article constitutes the agreement

of the Association and the Board, and of those

teachers who volunteer to participate in PAS, to use

value added data or like data related to the particular

teacher for purposes of this Article, notwithstanding any

other agreement, policy or practice of the Association,

the Board and/or the teacher or any other organization.

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