302.05 Each elementary staff shall conduct a written

ballot to determine whether there shall be one (1)

or two (2) fifteen-(15) minute recesses per day.

Recess takes place midmorning or midafternoon,

not adjacent to the beginning, lunchtime, or end of

the school day, unless the school selects to do so

through the process of this paragraph. The results of

such ballot shall be posted on the school’s bulletin

board. In the event of a tie, the issue shall be decided

by the principal. at status quo shall remain in

effect in future years unless the ABC or the principal

calls for reconsideration. Reconsideration can

only be called for once per school year. However, a

change in that status quo can only be implemented

after the first two (2) work days of the regular

school year with the principal’s concurrence.

Recess? When?

Don’t forget to determine your school’s recess policy. This must occur during the first two teacher workdays. CEA fought hard to preserve and clarify elementary recesses in the contract. Each school can decide whether to have one or two 15-minute student recesses per day. A change requires a secret ballot vote of the staff conducted by the FR. If you do not take a vote, the status quo from last year remains. CEA urges you not to give up your school’s recesses-our students need them. For full information, refer to Section 302.06 of the Addendum to the Master Agreement.