A. The lunch schedule for each elementary school shall

be developed (if possible) by agreement between the

principal and the Association Building Council.

Absent an agreement, the final determination shall be

made by the principal.

B. No teacher shall be deprived of at least a thirty (30)

minute uninterrupted, duty-free lunch period.

C. Notwithstanding Paragraph B above, the thirty (30)

minute duty-free lunch period may be interrupted if

the Administration determines that it is feasible, and

an elementary school staff, by majority in a secret ballot

vote, elect a forty-five (45) minute lunch period.

Such forty-five (45) minute lunch period shall remain

in effect for the remainder of the school year and

shall continue the following school year unless the

Administration determines such continuation is not

feasible or the staff elects not to continue the fortyfive

(45) minute lunch period the following school


209.12 Members of the bargaining unit who are required by

their assignment to travel on their lunch period shall not

be asked to assume extra duties during their lunch period.



Memorandum of Agreement

Elementary Lunchroom Duty

(September 29, 1986)

(Amended May 29, 2003)

Based on the recommendations of the Joint Committee

formed to conduct a study and feasibility of utilizing the

supplemental contract approach to elementary school

lunchroom supervision, the following guidelines and stipulations

are accepted:

A. The duties and responsibilities of the lunchroom duty

teacher shall continue to be the general supervision of

pupils in the lunchroom. Lunchroom duty is exercised

under the general supervision of the principal.

B. A supplemental contract shall be issued for one school

year or the balance of a school year. The supplemental

service may be provided by two teachers on a 50 percent

basis for each. The lunchroom duty supplemental contract

shall be administered in a manner consistent with

Article 905 of the current Board/CEA Agreement. Pay

shall be at the 8.00% rate and shall be paid in two equal

amounts on the thirteenth and twenty-first pay dates.

The number of lunch periods necessary to accommodate

the students in a building shall be determined by the

principal. There shall be one supplemental contract for

each lunch period (which may be shared by two teachers).

C. An Instructional Assistant(s), if assigned to lunchroom

duty, will work in cooperation with and under the supervision

of the lunchroom duty teacher. The number of

assistants assigned will be determined by the principal.

This program is not intended to reduce the assignment

of assistants in the lunchroom.

D. Teachers accepting the lunchroom duty supplemental

contract shall not claim a violation of Section 302.02 as a

result of duties connected with such supplemental


E. Lunchroom duty teachers shall be included equally in

number on the roster for duties assigned to other staff

members. Supplemental contract lunchroom duty

teacher(s) shall not be assigned other duties during the

regularly scheduled lunch period.

F. Lunchroom supervision shall be rotated equally among

the staff as a regular duty without extra pay when the

paid lunchroom duty teacher is absent. In the event of


extended absence by the lunchroom duty teacher where

there is not a shared contract, a second contract can be

issued for the prorated amount with a corresponding

reduction in the original contract. An extended absence

is one that lasts or is expected to last beyond one rotation

of the staff on lunch duty.

G. Elementary principals will be promptly provided with a

description of this program and directions regarding the

securing of volunteers for the lunchroom duty supplemental

contract. Principals will select a teacher(s) from

among the volunteers and forward the name(s) for

appointment. In the event there are no volunteers in a

school, lunchroom supervision will continue to be

assigned as an unpaid duty.

H.During the 1986–1987 school year, the Joint Committee

will continue to monitor the program and will make

whatever changes they determine are needed. Late in the

school year, the Joint Committee will make recommendations

to the Superintendent and the CEA President

regarding any changes that should be made and specifically

recommending continuation or termination of the

lunchroom duty supplemental contract program. The

Superintendent will discuss these recommendations with

the CEA President prior to making a decision regarding

the continuation or termination of the program.

Signed by John E. Grossman for CEA and Charles C. Hall

for the Board

Updated language agreed to on May 29, 2003, by Mary

Thomas for the Board and Rhonda Johnson and Bob

Buelow for CEA.

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