Article 208

Classroom Atmosphere

208.01 The Administration recognizes its responsibility to

give all reasonable support and assistance to teachers

with respect to the maintenance of control and discipline

in the classroom. It is the responsibility of the teachers

and Administration to provide an atmosphere within the

classroom and within the school building that is conducive

to learning. Administrators are to administer the

discipline policy for their school or program and are to

provide appropriate administrative support to teachers

that is legal and consistent with Board policy (currently

including the Guide to Positive Student Behavior). Teachers

and administrators are to abide by such specific

Board-adopted disciplinary policy as may now be in existence

or may be replaced or modified.

208.02 Teachers shall not administer corporal punishment.

Nothing in this Agreement is intended to abridge the

rights of teachers provided in Section 3319.41(G) of the

Ohio Revised Code.

208.03 The principal, in consultation with his/her

Association Building Council, will establish procedures

for the administration of all forms of discipline within

the school. Such will include procedures related to suspension

and recommendation for expulsion. Written

building discipline plans shall be in place at the beginning

of the school year. Failure of a principal to establish

a building discipline plan by the first day of student

attendance is grievable at Step 2 of the grievance procedure.

In the event the principal is newly appointed, transferred

or assigned, such failure must first be brought to

his/her attention in writing at least ten (10) calendar

days before the grievance is filed in order for the principal

to develop or finalize a building plan. Nothing in this

paragraph shall be interpreted as a restriction on the

right of the Board or Superintendent to establish future

policy or guidelines related to disciplinary procedures,

provided such right is exercised without specific violation

of this Agreement or law.

208.04 The removal of a student from a curricular or

extracurricular activity by a teacher shall be processed

according to the provisions set forth in Section 3313.66

of the Ohio Revised Code. A teacher removing a student

according to this provision shall communicate such

action on a mutually developed form.

208.05 Teachers shall be given released time as required for

appearances at administrative hearings and court proceedings

arising out of their professional activities, upon

as much advance notice as possible to the supervisor or


208.06 When a pupil is initially assigned to a class as a

result of a central office decision to change the building

assignment of a pupil for disciplinary reasons, teachers

who will be regularly assigned to instruct such pupil shall

be so advised.

208.07 If a student inflicts bodily injury on a teacher, the

student, after required due process, will be expelled and

may, if proper circumstances exist, be permanently

excluded from school under Section 3313.662 of the

Ohio Revised Code, except as provided in federal and

state special education laws. However, expulsion is not

required in cases of incidental or accidental physical contact.

“Bodily injury” for the purposes of this section

means physical injury requiring treatment by a medical

doctor for a broken bone or sprain, laceration with

stitches or other serious bodily injury. The teacher must

promptly report his/her injuries in writing to the Office

of Human Resources, if possible, and upon request

release his/her medical records of the injury(ies) to that

office. Nothing in this article alters the rights of the

Administration, Board of Education, parents or

guardians under federal or state law.

208.08 If a teacher initiates student discipline which results

in a legally required hearing, the teacher shall be sent a

copy of all written notices sent to the student’s parent or

guardian with respect to the hearing and appeal process.

208.09 Generally, students will not be transferred to a different

building more than once in a school year for disciplinary

reasons. Exceptions are unusual circumstances,

such as threat of personal injury or damage to a person;

or physical injury to a person, as a result of an assault or

battery; or where the best interests of the pupil and

schools compel a transfer in unusual circumstances.

Completion of an assignment to the I-PASS Center is

not considered a transfer to a different building.

208.10 Each principal shall keep a copy of the 190–

Corrective Measures Forms that he/she deems to involve

Level 3 behaviors separate from other 190 forms. Upon

request, such copies shall be made available in a timely

manner for the Senior Faculty Representative for review.

208.11 The parties have studied and agree to recommend

implementation of an alternative educational program

for chronically disruptive students. This program will be

refined and finalized by further joint review, including

consideration of alternatives including, but not limited

to, possible creation of a community school, and be

implemented no later than the beginning of 2006-07

school year, or earlier when feasible.

HB 318: Discipline Changes

One of the last pieces of legislation the Ohio General Assembly approved before adjourning for the summer recess was House Bill 318. It was originally introduced in 2017 with the purpose of establishing qualification and training guidelines for School Resource Officers. In June, the Senate Education Committee amended HB 318 to include provisions from an unrelated and separate Senate bill. The bill was signed into law by Ohio’s governor and took effect on Nov. 2, 2018.

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